black wide leg pants
black wide leg pants

Black Wide Leg Pants

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Black Wide Leg Pants Description

Design Idea - Simple design, loose fit style with high waist & drawstring elastic waist wide pant for women. Makes pants easy to pull on and take off. Wide leg straight pants for women with 2 big pockets. These wide leg trousers are perfect for daily wear, vacation, street wear, office pants, beach pants, sport pants.
Breathable & Odor-resistant - Fabric is undoubtedly one of summer's best fabrics. It's cool and breathable and odor-resistant. However, this mid-weight fabric is also appropriate through the summer and fall. Match with our stylish Women's Tops Definitely suitable for year-round wear!
Cool & Highly Absorbent – Black wide leg pants for women are made of durable polyester, one of the best natural fibers at wicking away moisture without feeling damp. This fabric can help prevent bacterial growth and keep loose wide leg pants for women odor free. Wide leg pants for women, let you to feel cool in the summer and retain warm air in the winter.
Durability & Natural Strength -This is a medium weight, sturdy, structured, incredibly durable polyester material fabric also has good drape. Black wide leg pants are also one of our favorite beach pants for women aesthetically - possessing such charm and texture in its variation, with a natural sheen that doesn't feel at all pretentious.
Comfy & Soft – Black wide leg pants for women are extremely comfortable in all seasons, insulating, and absorbent. Women's wide leg pants have luxurious body and weight, and the strength to stand up to years of daily wear. Wide leg pants will only soften and improve with age, starting out with a surface finish but with the ability to become more flexible with wear.
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